Friday, November 27, 2009

Lexi's day in the park

FINALLY I brought my camera up to work so I can put all the pictures on my work computer to upload. I can easily do this at home, but my computer is old and super slow compared to my work computer. Since I blog old school through the blogger website, it easily takes me about an hour to do a picture post at home - which is why you don't see that many of them. Now that I have it (somewhat) set-up to upload at work I can now put pictures on my blog MUCH more frequently!

So about a month ago (wow, I'm lame) Matt and I decided to pack some food, some beers and the dog up and head down to a park right next to our apartment. It was SUCH a nice afternoon. We had a really great meal and there were a few flag football games going on, so we were able to watch those games as we sat and talked. Lexi seemed to have a good time too, despite being tied to a tree. At one point she definitely tried to run off to chase a squirrel but didn't get too far  because she was tied up! While we were there, we tried to take a few pictures as a family. Yeah, those didn't turn out toooo well - but here are a few of the highlights.

At first, she was pretty happy just laying there.

And then as we started taking pictures, she realized she wanted to be part of the happenings.

She decided she needed pictures with both of us!

Then we tried to take family portraits and she lost interest. Her face cracks me up SO much in this picture.

But once family portraits were done (there were a lot more but SO not flattering - sorry!), she was back to being happy again!

And she even decided she needed sunglasses to shade her poor eyes!

We really did have a great day and I know Lexi enjoyed being outside and being part of the family pictures, even if her face didn't really show it!!

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