Monday, January 04, 2010

Things I love - Week 7

Remember once upon a time when I wrote a list once a week of "Things that I love"?

Somewhere along the way, that tradition was lost. And today is the day it comes back.

Here are the things that I'm loving this week that are helping me live a healthy life!

1. Amy's Kitchen frozen dinners: I actually am planning a post dedicated to these later in the week (along with some notes on some diet changes upcoming for me), but these babies are letting me eating healthfully through this very hectic work week I'm having. I never eat frozen dinners, but Amy's makes plenty that not only taste fantastic, but have ingredients you can recognize and are not something you should be ashamed to have in your freezer. Sure, they have a few downfalls - but for a quick and easy meal in a pinch, these are working for me.

2. Club soda - sticking on the food bandwagon (which is personally my favorite), I'm obsessed with club soda HARDCORE right now. I'm so obsessed that I've been passing up alcohol to just drink club soda. I think I've gone crazy. I've always loved it, but usually mixed with my alcohol, mixed with cranberry or flavored (a la La Croix). But lately, I've been ordering it (and drinking it at home) plain with just a lime everywhere I go and my mouth has never never been happier. Oh well, it works for me. The only downside is the sodium in it, but since I cut sodium mostly everywhere else in my diet, I'm okay to have a little from my drink!!

3. Shorter, but intense workouts - If you missed my previous blog about my small victory of overcoming my "perfect workout" syndrome - I would check it out. Shorter workouts are something I've always strayed from in the past, but right now I am loving them and they are working for me!

4. Eggs - (we're back on the food bandwagon!). I've been eating a LOT less meat lately, which means my protein has been lacking. I've always had a love/hate relationship with eggs, but recently it's been more love than hate. With the recent addition of my boiled egg timer that I was given for Christmas and the rekindling of my like for scrambled eggs, I've been actually enjoying the eggs I've been eating! I've also had my eyes peeled for a mini muffin pan that is cheap and small so I can make mini crust less quiches with veggies. Ooo la la.

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  1. I love Amy's frozen dinner! I bought an Indian one after work recently because I just didn't have the energy to cook dinner and it was really good! I can't wait to read your post about them!