Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Foodie day 2

Don’t laugh at me, but I forgot my camera this morning. The worst part about forgetting my camera is that I saw it on top of my computer last night and I told myself, “you’re going to forget that if you leave it there.”

And so what did I do? Yeah, I left it there and then I forgot it.

It’s okay, you really didn’t miss much. In fact, the only thing you missed was a banana and an orange La Croix because those were the only things different about what I ate today vs. what I ate yesterday while at work. I told you – I do this all the time. I eat the same breakfast for a month at a time. I eat usually the same lunch as my dinner the night before. If I don’t have the same dinner as the night before, I typically have a sandwich – like you saw me have yesterday. I don’t know why I do this but it works for me and I’m okay with that. I’m horrible at re-purposing leftovers, so I just make things that I won’t mind eating two days in a row.

So today – breakfast was Blueberry (okay another difference) chobani with 2 TBSP flax meal and 1 TBSP vanilla almond granola. I had spanish peanuts on the side and they were extra tasty!

I brought a banana for my early snack before lunch, but wasn’t really hungry so I didn’t eat it. This was a HUGE mistake because as soon as I found myself Christmas shopping at Target I was so hungry and eyeing all the delicious treats in the store. It took a LOT of convincing on my part but I stayed away from everything and waited to get back to the office to have my sandwich. Same as yesterday – hummus and cheddar cheese on WW toasted bread with pickles. Food should taste good sweet potato chips and carrots on the side. No kiwis today – I only had one left and was too lazy to peel it this morning.

I did have an apple and a string cheese for my snack. The apple was a weird variety I’ve never had before. I looked at the label before I got on here to write, but of course I’ve forgotten the name. I’ll get back to you with it. They were VERY soft, almost fluffy and I was not a huge fan. Sigh. I have 3 left so I guess I’ll eat them anyway.

Dec-2-09 007

Dinner was nothing short of brilliant but also random. I had originally planned to have Falafel and rice pilaf, but my rice that I pre-made yesterday was left out all night on the counter. Since I made it with chicken stock I was not taking that risk. I remembered I had most of a can of refried beans left in the fridge, so I should do something with them. I was also craving zucchini so I had to come up with something. The results?

Dec-2-09 002

That is a bean and cheese quesadilla, roasted broccoli and some very special zucchini on the side.

Let’s start with the quesadilla.

Dec-2-09 005

Very easy. I took refried beans (I buy Amy’s organics low sodium. My favorite are the black beans but I can only find pinto right now) and heated them a little in the microwave. I put some butter (the real deal folks) into a skillet and rubbed my tortilla in it. Then I put the beans and some 2% cheese on top and folded the tortilla over. I don’t eat butter on much besides toast, but anytime I make quesadillas or tostadas I use it. It makes the tortilla extra crisp and brown on the outside.

Next, roasted broccoli. Don’t know how to make roasted broccoli? It’s SO simple and so delicious. It’s the only way I’ll eat broccoli right now.

Dec-2-09 003

Just cut the broccoli and put into a 400 degree oven with some EVOO slathered all over it for like 20-30 minutes. Viola!

While the broccoli roasted, I also roasted a bulb of garlic. Yeah, just cut off the top 1/4 of the bulb, drizzle with some EVOO and wrap in foil. This takes a full 30-35 minutes to roast but I got impatient and took it out around 27 minutes. Next time, I’ll just suck it up and go a little longer.

Dec-2-09 001You want it just a little more golden than this, so next time go for longer than I did!

I pulled two cloves out and minced them as much as I could and added it to some butter and melted it all in the microwave. (I promise, I usually don’t eat this much butter!) I drizzled this over zucchini that I had very very thinly sliced and steamed. It was DIVINE. Next time I will definitely roast the garlic more and probably make a paste of it and slather it on the zucchini.

Dec-2-09 004

I finished the meal with 2 dark chocolate hersheys kisses because I had been craving chocolate ALL day. I don’t really care for chocolate much so when I crave it, I always give in since it’s easily controlled. Lexi thought these were for her so she was all up in my face when I was trying to take the picture!

Dec-2-09 006

After dinner I went to the gym for 20 minutes on the elliptical then yoga. I HATE the elliptical but I can stand it for about 20 minutes if I’m pushing it. My heart rate was in the 160s the entire time. I’ve figured out that if I want to do extra cardio with yoga I should plan to be at the gym the entire time and not go home in between. I will never make it back to the gym. So going to the gym 30 minutes before yoga works perfectly and I think I’ll be doing that for a while now! Yoga for the FIRST time felt a little easier. I felt much more comfortable in my downward dogs and I actually did a real plank for like 5 seconds. Hey, that’s 5 seconds longer than I’ve been able to do. Suddenly, it’s seeming slightly more attainable!

After yoga I came home and had a yogurt with some grape nuts in it. Cascade Fresh is actually my favorite yogurt out there. It’s much more of a snacking by itself yogurt than greek yogurt it. It was SO tasty.

Dec-2-09 008   

Also, I should tell you that I use pure salted whipped butter instead of any butter substitutes. I love that the only ingredients are cream and salt! Tonight between the quesadilla and the zucchini I used about a tablespoon, which is only 50 calories and 6 grams of fat since it’s whipped. Check it out if you like!

Also tonight I have typed both blogs from Windows Live Writer. It is DIVINE and has saved me so much time on the formatting. It easily picked up my blogger account and is beautiful. I’m using the new Windows 7 on the new laptop so this could be why – but if you are looking for an external blogging software check out this one. If you can’t see my test post from earlier tonight can you please let me know? I can see the blogs but I want to make sure everyone can.

Matt is out of town for work tonight so it’s just me and Lexi and it’s way past our bedtime! Goodnight!

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  1. Wow; that roasted garlic looks amazing...I love garlic. Great blog..keep up the great writing!