Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Foodie for a day

I was such a good food blogger today (minus my snacks). I don’t know if it was knowing I could easily post a picture blog on the new computer, or what.. but I was all about it. So here are my eats for the day: (also apologizes that these are not very pretty - I eat over half my meals for the day at my desk at work!)

Breakfast: Strawberry Chobani with 2 TBSP flax meal and 1 TBSP vanilla almond granola. (BTW I love flax meal and I highly recommend you eat it. Also, it really cheap. I buy flax seeds in the bulk bins at the natural foods stores. I can get half a pound for less than $1. Then I grind it up in a coffee grinder myself at home and refrigerate the meal to keep it from going rancid). I also had some spanish peanuts on the side. I've been insatiably hungry the past few weeks and my doctor told me to add more fat to my breakfast. Since I naturally prefer non-fat dairy, I'm having to add it in the form of nuts. I don't mind! I ate this around 8:30 am

Then around 11, I had half a grapefruit. I’m really sad this is my last one! In Texas we grow GIANT grapefruits that are so sweet and juicy. I love them. I topped mine with truvia. Super yummy!

Lunch was around 12:45. This is not a typical lunch for me – normally I have leftovers from the night before. But last night’s meal (grilled bean and cheese/sweet potato fries) did not transport well so I had this instead. The star was a hummus/cheddar Sammie with pickles on toasted WW bread. Alongside I ate Food Should Taste Good (my favorite right now) sweet potato chips. I also had some baby carrots and two kiwis. I also had a pure La Croix on the side (yummm)

For the first part of my snack I had this baby apple I stole from sweet tomato’s dessert bar last Friday. Then I came home and couldn’t keep my hand out of the pantry. I hate having days like that! No matter what I ate, I didn’t feel satisfied. I had a few small handfuls of tortilla chips, a string cheese and some Spanish peanuts. I did not photograph these, I apologize!

Dinner was a frittata that I made for the first time. The recipe is from eating well and it’s a Potato and Zucchini frittata. I don’t eat white potatoes very often so it was nice to have them. I am trying to eat more eggs because they are cheap, full of protein and fat! I am running low on protein and fat since I’m not eating as much meat lately. So I’m working to like eggs more (I’ll tell you why I don’t really like them another day). I made the frittata with home fries, sausage and toast on the side. I originally didn’t plan on making the home fries, but found myself with two extra potatoes from Thanksgiving last week and thought they sounded good. This is a HUGE dinner for me normally, but I still thought I would share! It was GOOD!

This is 1/4 the frittata



  1. I wish that you could pack me my meals! Everything looks so good. Your dinner made me want to die of happiness-- I LOVE frittatas. My Grandmother used to make these amazing potato frittatas when I was really little.

    I love these food photos, I feel like I was with you all day!

  2. I have never seen a frittata but it looks delicious!!

    LOVE the pictures, keep them coming!