Saturday, October 03, 2009

Awesome Saturday

Well I have to admit that I ate out last night. Going into the 14 day challenge, I knew there would be a few times that I would have committments that require eating out that I couldn't ignore. One of these committments was one of my best friend's birthdays. We had planned to meet for happy hour after I got off work yesterday. Even though I packed snacks, I was unusually starving (like EVERY day this week) and ate those early. So at happy hour, we split an appetizer and had some chips and salsa. I had late plans to meet an old friend for a drink around 8. My intention was to come home, eat dinner and go meet her. When I got home - I was NOT hungry whatsoever. So I went to meet her having not ate again.

Clearly, this was not a good idea. I was starving at about 11pm and realized at 1:30 am when we left the bar (um we had an amazing time!) that I needed to eat or my vodka sodas were going to make me super sick. I had (I cringe thinking about this now) fast food and went to bed. I woke up at like 4am with a stomach that felt like exploding. I thought I was going to throw up! I tried for a while, but it didn't work and I was miserable all the rest of the night and all morning.

So to cheer me up this morning, I made a glorious bowl of oats (also that's all my stomach wanted to hold down.)

My oats included:

  • .5 cup oats
  • .5 cup skim milk
  • .5 cup water
  • Toppings: coconut, brown sugar, cinnamon, raisins, mini chocolate chips, and some white chocolate peanut butter

After I ate my oats, I decided to catch up on greys. I didn't watch the last three episodes from last season and everyone's been talking about it, so I caught up on last season and started watching this season. While I watched, I worked on a birthday card for my best friend. She was very excited to hear I started making homemade cards and about some specific dinosaur paper I found. So I made a dinosaur happy birthday card! Honestly, this is the best card I've made yet and I love it. I'm so proud about it!

The front

 The inside

Top part of the inside


Bottom part of the inside

I'm so excited to mail it to her! Even though she lives 15 minutes away, I'm going to send it snail mail. Makes it more fun!

I'm off to run to the grocery store, find some food and then tonight is date night with Matt!! Yippee


  1. I'm still catching up on my grey's from last season too. Unfortunately I only watched three episodes from last season because my husband decided that there was something on that he neeeeeded to watch at the same time as Grey's so I was nice and let him. I'm DVRing this season until I get caught up though so it will be waiting for me on the DVR when I'm ready!

    Oh and the sunshine orzo thing sounds amazing! I will def try that next time I go to the Cupboard. How can anything with the word sunshine in the name of it not be delish?!

  2. Your oats look like heaven in a bowl. Seriously. That card? Ah-dorable!