Monday, October 12, 2009

Things I love - Week 5

It's that time again!

1. Ke$ha - TiK ToK. For everyone who is not into the top 40 music scene (me) or into Itunes new music Tuesdays (me), this may be confusing. Apparently the artists name is Kesha or Ke$ha.. really I'm not sure. I didn't even know what to link for this song (ah I feel SO old!) It's #38 on the itunes top list and you should download it if you are looking for new workout music. The song is sooooooo not something I would normally listen to, but I love it - especially for running. I especially love how she says she brushes her teeth with a bottle of jack. You go girl!

2. Chobani Greek Yogurt - Well I'm officially back in a yogurt mood! Last week I posted about how Cascade Fresh Yogurt was on my faves list, and this week it's Chobani. I love it! I was very skeptical to try it at first, and I still haven't convinced myself to eat it without granola but it's full of protein and very smooth and creamy! I'm going to buy some more tomorrow! One 6 oz container is roughly 140 calories, 14 grams of protein and no fat. Again, I wouldn't mind the fat - but I'll take no fat for those calories!

3. Clif Z Bar - Spooky S'mores. I love Clif Z bars. I haven't told y'all about them yet, but they are fantastic. I'm not a huge granola/energy bar fan because generally they taste a little off and they are full of calories! Not Clif Z bars. Each one is approximately 120 calories, has fiber and actually tastes like a cookie! I'm totally okay eating these and knowing they are made for kids, because I actually like them! Spooky S'mores is definitely my favorite, but since it's seasonal I'm a little sad. I've been stocking up and I'll continue to stock up (hopefully they will go on sale after Halloween!). I keep these in my purse, in my car and in my gym bag for a quick snack that's both filling and tasty. And anytime lately I've been craving a big ole brownie or cookie, I go straight to my stash and have one! I bought a huge box at costco and it definitely was worth the money!

4. Moderation - I'm actually about to post a blog on this, so keep an eye out. But this past weekend I finally feel like I've mastered moderation and I wanted to share it with everyone today. Stay tuned for my latest blog on it (I'll post back to it once it's up) and work on moderating something this week - whether it's food, exercise, play time/work time, etc! You can do it! Moderation is the key to creating balance in your life, which will allow you to be healthy but happy at the same time!

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