Monday, October 19, 2009

Things I love - Week 6

This week instead of posting things that I'm loving, I'm going to post 25 reasons I love being healthy. This is all a part of my big plan to get my a** back on track with eating.

I love being healthy because:

1. I sleep better
2. I have more energy
3. I feel better, overall
4. I get sick less often
5. My blood pressure has gone down
6. My resting heart rate has gone down
7. For the first time in my life, I actually lost weight in a year instead of gained
8. My clothes are getting bigger and I'm buying smaller sizes
9. I have set goals and I have met them. Once I meet these goals, I set new ones
10. I feel accomplished
11. I'm working to improve ALL aspects of my life
12. I have potentially found my life's passion - healthy eating and cooking
13. I will be taking this passion and making a career of it when I return to school in January to become a RD
14. I can eat anything that I want, in moderation
15. I am less stressed
16. Healthy food tastes better
17. I no longer have an upset stomach every day
18. I no longer have headaches every day
19. My skin is so much clearer with all the water and not all the greasy food
20. I am a RUNNER!
21. I know that with positive thinking, I can do anything I want
22. I've found a way to FINALLY be happy about life
23. I have made incredible and wonderful friends that are also striving to be healthy
24. I have set an example for the people in my life to also be healthy
25. I know that anything is possible now that I am healthy and my options will only grow as times goes by

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Why do you love being healthy? If you aren't healthy, do any of these things inspire you to pursue a healthy lifestyle?

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