Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Some quick updates because I am SUPER busy today at work.

1. I realize I have not posted the Things I love this week, even though I promised. I apologize about this! I seriously haven't had the time to do it yet - so hopefully I will soon.

2. Please, everyone, think happy thoughts for Matt today. He is taking the GMAT this afternoon and I want him to have as much positive energy as he can while taking the exam!

3. Today is my one year anniversary on sparkpeople. I am SO excited and I'm working on a big blog post for my spark blog. I'm planning to cross-post some of it, so be on the look-out for that later today.

4. My friend Heather is having a starbucks give-away so if you like coffee or tea, please go check it out!

5. Also, I have joined the Pile on the Miles challenge for the Holiday season. This is a challenge among bloggers and blog readers to run/walk the most miles they can in November. Now, I'm not expecting to win this challenge at all as I'll be competing against several girls that are marathon training, but this is JUST what I need to get back into a consistent running routine. Since my 5K, my running has been all over the place due to many factors - trying to switch to outside runs only, it's been raining all the time here in the past month and I hurt my foot. I'm SO excited to start this challenge on Sunday!

6. I had an appointment with the Dietetics advisor for my program yesterday and got my school schedule hammered out (well, almost). She helped me pinpoint which classes I need to take when in order to finish the bachelors by Spring 2011. The good news is I know exactly what order I need to take the classes in and I definitely can finish in that amount of time. She also complemented me on wanting to take such a heavy load - she says she doesn't see many students anymore that are willing to take heavy loads so she appreciates my dedication and drive. The bad news is that I don't have much wiggle room at all in case a class isn't offered. This should really only be an issue for the summer - All the classes for the summer are pre-reqs for the fall classes, so there is a possibility I might need to take a few of them at a different school if my new school doesn't offer the classes. Oh well,  I WILL figure this out!

That's all the updates I have. Off to work!

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