Thursday, October 08, 2009

Good News Thursday!

Remember this post about my eye?

Well, I went to the ophthamologist this morning to have it looked at. The way it's gone since I posted that blog is: I went to my family doctor to have my blood drawn and potentially a CT scan. My doctor ran all my normal thyroid bloog panels and everything came back normal. So she referred me to see an ophthamologist and that led me to this morning. In the past few weeks, the swelling of my eye has gone WAY down and I've been able to see a lot better with it. But you can never be too careful.

The appointment took forever! I was there about 2 hours total. But, he had very good news for me! I have none of the typical symptoms associated with Thyroid Eye disorder and it looks like the inflammation was just from a viral infection. I wasn't even sick, just had bad allergies, when this started - but nonetheless that's how he diagnosed it and said he could see some signs of a viral infection in my right eye (the good eye). He also told me that it looks like I've developed an allergy to my contacts, which is why I have such watery and itchy eyes! Obviously that sounds really scary, but it's not. He said that at some point in the future if I don't want to wear glasses I should look into LASIK. Eh, we'll give it a few more years. I"m a little scared of that procedure!

The only drawback was he dilated my eyes, or did something, that left me unable to see anything close up for a few hours. I came home after my appointment to change for work (his office is right down the road), but decided that I probably wouldn't be able to work for a few hours. I called my boss and he very very kindly said I could put in a few hours work at home and just turn in time for the rest of hours I was gone! Yes! I couldn't do much really while I was waiting for this stuff to wear off... so I made some breakfast since I hadn't eaten yet.

Yesterday I finally found Chobani at my local grocery story - so I picked up two containers to try and also a container of honey Oikos. I also bought some very yummy looking chocolate granola.

Here's my snack from yesterday afternoon.

I also stocked up on Clif Z bars - Spooky Smores. They are definitely my favorite flavor and I'm so upset that they are seasonal :(  I might have to back and buy some more to make it until next fall.

For breakfast today I had the same granola with a strawberry Chobani. I have to admit, I was really nervous about trying greek yogurt because I've only had the plain kind and did not like it.  But both kinds I've tried were really good. I think I like the strawberry better than the honey, so far.

I finally fell asleep but it only lasted about 45 minutes before Matt called me to tell me about his jalepeno eating contest at work (he lost. sad face) At this point I knew I had to wake up and make lunch and start working. I was starving!! I had planned on making homemade hamburgers tonight using some 93% lean ground beef I bought a month or so ago and froze. I don't eat beef that often, but when I do my #1 choice is a hamburger. I love them! I also knew I had some sweet potatoes that needed to be eaten soon. I didn't really want a baked sweet potato like I normally have. I also knew that if I wanted sweet potato fries, I should use use the frozen Alexis brand ones that I had. So instead, I made sweet potato chips. They were so good. I have to make these again. A few got burned because I obviously cut them much thinner than the others. I also popped them under the broiler to get them a little crispier, which burned a few. I didn't care! They were awesome!

I made an extra serving for dinner. Can't wait to eat them! I put a little EVOO, cinnamon and brown sugar on these and mixed in a plastic bag and baked at 400 degrees for like 25 minutes. Served with a little ketchup on the side.

Here's my burger on toasted WW bread with grainy mustard and 2% pepperjack cheese melted on top.

For the burger, I took roughly a pound of 93% lean ground beef and added grated garlic, Worcestershire sauce, dried onions, mesquite Mrs. Dash seasoning and no salt added Kroger steak seasoning. I made four patties and pan cooked them in a little EVOO. After they cooked I let the oil drain off on paper towels before adding some cheese to this one and microwaving for like 20 seconds to melt the cheese. I would have LOVED some fresh tomato, lettuce, onions and pickles on my burger like I always eat, but I didn't have any of that! Darn!


All together now!

I also snacked on this bowl (times 2) of blue tortilla chips and one string cheese while I cooked. I was a starving girl!

I don't think I could ever work at home only. I've been so distracted especially since my VPN is so slow on my computer. It's taking my computer twice as long to pull data, so everytime I try to pull something I switch over to do something else and get side tracked. Going back now to finish this one project I started yesterday! Spin tonight, can't wait!

*muah* LLB 

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