Friday, September 18, 2009

5K preparations

This is my final blog of the night! jeez! I've been on a roll tonight.

I got a very wonderful package in the mail today from my spark bff Heather. It was full of wonderful things for my 5K tomorrow.

There was a card...

A new sweatband with LSH initials inside of it (LOVE IT!)

A burts bees kit for tonight

and an apple pie lara bar and nuun (liquid hydration.. like healthy gatorade, says heather)

This was perfect, thank you so much Heather!

And finally I made my 5K playlist. I made it for 50 minutes, even though my goal is to finish in under 45 minutes (hey I'm slow!!), just because I like to skip songs sometimes and I also will only listen to various parts of my final song - since it's my sprint and I only like to sprint to the parts where they sing "I get knocked down, but I get up again, you're never gonna keep me down"!
  1. Prodigy - Breathe
  2. Lady Gaga - Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
  3. Madison Avenue - Don't call me baby
  4. Petey Pabloe - Show me the money
  5. September - Cry for you
  6. Madonna - 4 minutes
  7. Ida Corr - Let me think about it
  8. Bubba Sparxx - Ugly
  9. Aly & Aj - Potential breakup song
  10. Lady Gaga - Poker face (space cowboy remix)
  11. The Classic Crime - Gravedigging
  12. Lady Gaga - Lovegame
  13. Chumbawama - Tubthumping (I end every single run on this song)
I'm off to get all my things ready and go to bed soon! I have SUCH a sore throat. I'm hoping it goes away by tomorrow!!

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  1. How friggin' cute is that package!? That is a great play list. I REALLY love numbers 5,7, 10 and 12. I run to Lady Gaga too. That crazy bia' can get me going!