Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Weird workout week

(Try to say that 10 times fast!)

This is a weird workout week for me... as was last week. Last week, as you may have read, I couldn't walk thanks to a certain trainer that has officially made it on my "hate" list. So this means I didn't run Thursday, didn't spin Friday and didn't run Saturday. Three missed workouts, in a row? Not good. I was very upset. So imagine how I felt yesterday when it was finally time for me to run again! I should have been super uber excited right? Especially because I could FEEL I hadn't worked out in days. I was waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall asleep (it's amazing how much exercise regulates my sleep now) and I was feeling icky and tired. I should have been ALL about the run yesterday huh?

Sadly, I was not. Honestly if I could have not run and had a nap instead, that would have been fantastic. That's the ONE thing I hate about exercise - once you stop, it's impossible to start again. This even happens to me when I take a day off. That's why for so long I was working out every day straight for 10+ days in a row, because I was afraid I wouldn't start again if I took a day off! Luckily, I'm much better with this now, but my four day break was too much.

I DID go to the gym though, as much as I didn't want to, and set out to run 3.5 miles on the indoor track. The first mile of any run for me is not pleasant. It hurts, I'm not loose yet (despite warming up AND stretching) and generally I want to stop. Usually about 3/4 to the entire mile into my runs, I start to feel great and love it. Yesterday, I did not. My knee was hurting, I felt sluggish and I felt like my chest was super tight. I ran my usual mile and was hoping for relief but it didn't come. And therefore, I stopped at 1.5 miles and cooled down. Yes, I was upset. Yes, I should have kept going.. but folks, it really wasn't happening. This Saturday I have my FIRST 5K and I am not going to push my body to epic fail this week. My body wasn't feeling it and therefore I stopped. End of discussion (really I promise I'm arguing with myself, not any of you!).

I slept like a baby last night, so clearly the run was a good idea. But I am tired as heck today. What is going on!! I should be full of energy and all I want to do is nap under my desk. I seriously seriously want to go home and nap today after work instead of going to water aerobics. BUT I know that pushing forward full steam ahead is the only logical and healthy answer, so therefore I will be attending water aerobics tonight and I will love it. I will also rock it.

The rest of the week is pretty slim in the exercise department. I'm really nervous about this 5K and definitely don't want to burn myself this week. So tomorrow I'll do another run.. preferably 3 miles but I will not push myself again past comfort so we'll see how long I make it. Thursday I'm going to do a super short speed mile just to get my legs moving a little - nothing too hard, but enough to keep them golden. Then Friday I'm taking off and Saturday will be my 5K! Depending on how I feel Sunday morning, I'm hopefully going to do some spin in the morning. If not - maybe a long walk?? I also have a soccer date with my little sister in the park Sunday so I need to remember that.

I'm so ready for this weekend to be over and it's not even here! I know that's awful to say but I'm really really ready to have this 5K over and get back to a normal workout week. I'm ready for the nervousness to subside and to know I have accomplished this goal. I'm ready to stop playing devil's advocate in my head going back and forth on the, "can I actually do this" thought train. I will do it and I will own it. Who cares if I'm slow, I'm a runner!

So that's what my week looks like. What about everyone else? What are YOUR exercise plans for the week? Do you occasionally take an easier week and not push it as much as you normally would?

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  1. Having an off workout week is never fun, but I'm glad that you are back in the game this week! In a few days you will have completed your first 5K! That's incredible. I know that it will be one of many, many more. I also know that we will run one together one day :)