Monday, September 21, 2009

Things I love - Week 2

Time for things I love this week - Week 2 (5K blog and updates to come later tonight when I'm at home with my pictures).

1. La Croix sparkling water (again). This week I love the papelmousee (grapefruit) flavor. I am trying the plain, lemon and lime flavors this week though.

2. Tyson canned chunk chicken. I used to eat this a lot for fast and quick meals before I started watching what I ate. I don't know why I stopped (besides the higher sodium count) because it is SUPER convienent! I find myself often making excuses for eating fast food or eating junk for dinner because I have no meat defrosted. So now I'm making this a priority to keep this around. I drain the can, rinse a few times to remove extra salt, and usually saute in a non-stick pan with spices to make the chicken taste better. Try it! Put it on top of a salad, or mix it with rice, veggies and cheese. You'll thank me!! (note you can use any brand clearly.. Tyson is just what I normally buy :) )

3. If you haven't been to this website, TRUST ME! It will change your life. Spark people is a healthy lifestyle online community that's 100% FREE. There are weight loss tools for you - including a food tracker, weight tracker, fitness tracker, goals trackers, exercise videos and demonstrations, articles on healthy foods, lifestyles, etc. As if all of that wasn't enough, they have an interactive community where you can join spark teams and post to message boards so you can meet other people who are living healthy and trying to lose weight - just like you! I have met some of my very very best friends in life on this website and I definitely think you should check it out if you are looking for motivation and inspiration. Even if you are maintaining or not trying to lose weight - there is something for you. Everytime I am feeling blah and off track, logging into spark immediately makes my day better and makes me feel inspired. I owe all my success to spark!

4. Confidence. Sure you've heard the word.. but have you ever put it to use? I'm loving confidence, because with confidence I can do ANYTHING that I set my mind to do. The first step to acheiving any goal is getting rid of any negative feelings about it and just believing you can do it. So next time you REALLY want something, sit yourself down and tell yourself that you WILL accomplish this goal. Throw out any "hopefully"s, "maybe"s, "i'm not sure if I can"s and say you WILL do it. Then be confident in yourself, come up with a game plan, and make it happen. Don't teeter, don't faulter.. be confident and you'll be much  more likely to accomplish your goal. Listen folks, I'm not asking for anything outrageous here. You won't get anywhere unless you change your expectations to match your goals. If your goal is to lose 20 pounds but your expectation is to only lose 5 then give up, guess what you'll do? Be confident, work hard and believe in yourself! Expect great things and great things will come to you!

In case you missed it - check out week 1 here.


  1. Chunk chicken - not just for chicken salad anymore! How many times do I forget when I skip over a recipe that calls for cooked thicken that I have cans of the stuff in my pantry (I get the Costco brand)??? Duh! Thanx for the reminder!

    SparkPeople changed my life, too!!! You forgot to mention that it's absolutely FREE!! There's no excuse not to just go there & poke around a bit.

    Confidence... hmmm.... working on it.... :-)

  2. ah yes good points Nancy. I will add them!

    I used to buy the costco brand of chicken when I was eating it all the time. I might have to start doing that again!

  3. I love it Laura! First of all I have to find this La Croix water. Second, SparkPeople is SUCH a life changer. Third, you are so very right about confidence. You must believe it in order to accompish it. xo