Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Updates, Updates

Well this week has been a bit hectic since Matt is moving.

But here are some revelations I've had.

1. I'm fit. Wow, when did that happen? I can go take any class at the gym and ROCK it. I can run a 5K, then walk around the entire night of and not feel anything the next day!

2. Now that I've reached my main goal on this journey of running a 5K, I need to look for more goals. I need to always push myself. And because of that - I've set some new fitness goals today that I will be sharing at the end of this post. Also today I start speed training in my runs. I'm probably going to do speed work twice a week with a long outside run on the weekends. Sounds good, right? For speed work I'm going to start out doing HIIT with running/walking intervals at my gym's indoor track. I'm kind of nervous!

3. I posted a picture from my 5K (also below) on my facebook and had SEVERAL people outside spark tell me that I look like a skinny minnie! Some people that I haven't seen in a long time, which means if they think I'm skinny now, I'm smaller than I used to be! This totally rocks and I can't wait to lose MORE weight and have people do double takes at me when they see me :)

4. In lieu of my 14 day no eating out challenge (starts TOMORROW!), I am going to start a new food series on my blog for "Quick and Simple Suppers." Supper is a southern word for dinner (in case you didn't know). Traditionally in the south, 'dinner' is a big family lunch and 'supper' is your smaller dinner.

side note, but funny story. Matt (more background: Matt is from New Jersey) was going to help one of his friends move a boat right before lunch time and his friend told Matt he had some steaks defrosting and he would make Matt "dinner" after they were done moving the boat in appreciation. Matt started arguing with him saying that he would be there for lunch. The man replies, yes I'll make them for dinner. This exchange happens a few more times and Matt finally gets off the phone and expresses his frustration that the guy didn't understand Matt wouldn't say for dinner. I said honey, dinner is lunch. Supper is dinner. :)

So since supper made the title cuter - I picked supper! Watch out for Quick and Simple Suppers to start soon. I'm REALLY excited. I'm going to post things you can make ahead of time and reheat, and also some things that you can make straight out of the pantry (hello Tyson chicken, we'll be needing you soon!). All will be healthy - I promise!

5. I signed up for my next 5K! It's November 8th in Boston. I'm going up for the weekend for a little family time and also to see my MOST BEST SPARK FRIENDS EVER - Stef and Heather. Together, LSH (Laura, Stef, Heather - also called Legion of Super Heroes). Will be running our first 5K together! This is going to be my second 5K (probably unless I throw in a random one before then) and Heathers first. She's doing her first the weekend before! BUT MOST EXCITING.. this will be Stef's FIRST 5K! I'm so so so excited and proud of them both! They are going to ROCK this with me :)

6. I've been stuck at 217 for a month. Seriously, I've been bouncing between 217-219 for like 4 weeks. I switched my weigh-ins to Tuesday instead of Friday and yesterday I was 216. FINALLY! Whoo-hoo! Can we hope for 214 by next Tuesday?? We're definitely going for it!

7. I tried the cashew cookie lara bar last night. I wasn't a big fan. I'll admit - it was interesting, not at all what I was expecting. I think I was expecting whole chunks of cashew. But I much prefer Clif Z bars. YUM! The lara bar was not worth the 220 calories and 12 grams of fat. I guess I'd rather have a handful of cashews. Well, maybe I'd rather have the bar since it does include a whole serving of fruit. If I can ever find the minis - I'd be willing to try that. I didn't finish the whole thing.. I decided to stop at about 2/3 of it and eat some pretzels instead. Those totally hit the spot :)

8. I'm out of revelations :)

Here are my few fitness goals (more to come):

*Complete a step class without taking a water break using TWO risers
*Pull myself out of the pool using my arms/body instead of the ladder
*Complete the one legged tree pose (a name I made up but it describes the pose I think) in yoga
*Run a 8 minute mile
*Run a 5K in sub 35 minutes (goal for now, this will change as I get faster)
*Run a 10K

Also here is my picture from the 5K! (this was like an hour after the 5K - hence flip flops)

I'm out. Look for Quick and Simple Suppers to start soon, as well as updates on my 14 Day Challenge! I'm about to go do some meal planning so I can effectively grocery shop tomorrow for my 14 day challenge! My intention is to post more food as the 14 day challenge goes by. Let's hope I do!

hasta! - LLB

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