Thursday, September 17, 2009

Food Issues

I've decided that I suck at posting pictures of my eats each day! Here's what happens.. I take the pictures, then sometimes I even upload them to my computer.. but then I either run out of time or get distracted and never post them. Damn!

So don't worry, I'll start doing this as much as I can. Maybe I'll bring my camera cord to work and upload them over my lunch break? We'll see! Or maybe I'll just take the pictures on my iphone sometimes since I can easily upload those from work. I'm not sure yet, but I will fix this!

Last night I was supposed to do my last long run before my 5K Saturday. Matt said he wanted to go with, so I went to the grocery store after work, bought groceries, came home and cooked, then went to his apartment so we could go to the gym. I told him that I was coming over around 6:30 and we would go workout and eat after. I warned him right? Well he didn't eat after work, so he was starving and ate the dinner I brought him before we ran. Then after about 2 miles, he threw up in his mouth a little and couldn't run anymore. I felt so bad for him, but he was UBER sweet (as usual) and let me finish my run before we left! (BTW I did 3.5 miles in 46 minutes. Man I'm slow, but I don't care. I also decided that after my 5K Saturday I'm going to start working on my speed so I can get faster. This is imperitive to do before I can even think about a 10K.)

I went home and ate dinner and had my glorious G2 (to avoid getting sick.. more on this later). After I finished dinner, I started to feel sick. And then I felt REALLY sick and almost like I was going to throw up also! What!! So I'm not sure if mine had to do with my long run with not much to eat yesterday or it was the food I made.

The dinner I made was a warm pasta salad with whole wheat "egg" noodles, extra lean ground beef, broccoli, tomatoes and a little parmesan cheese on top. Everything I made was fresh from the store that day (other than the cheese and noodles - the cheese I had a few days ago). I also had roasted cabbage on the side, but I have ruled that out since Matt did not eat it.

But I get very sick sometimes after my runs, especially if I don't eat enough that day.. but even sometimes when I eat enough I'm still sick. I have discovered that gatorade is a life saver and it makes me feel better INSTANTLY so I have a 32 oz blueberry pomegranite G2 after every single run - and sometimes hard gym workouts like step. It's soooo helpful and I definitely suggest it to anyone who feels wicked sick after a workout. I don't know the science behind it, other than it replaces the salt you lose when you sweat and somehow that calms your body from getting very nauseous. Try it if you have this problem!

Yesterday I didn't have a lot of food calorie wise before my run, probably about 900-100 calories all day until the run, but I had a ton of fiber and I actually felt perfect when we got to the gym. I had a clif Z bar on my way to the gym and that really really settled my hunger (reminder for later!). So I didn't feel hungry like I normally do while I'm running. I had my G2 as soon as we got home from the gym, like usual, but it really didn't settle my stomach as much as it normally does. Maybe that's why I got sick?

The point of the story is, I'm a bit nervous today to have the leftovers from last night for lunch today (since I already packed them and brought them!) in case something WAS wrong with the food.. but I think I'm just going to take the chance and see.

How bad of an idea is that?? I'll let you know!

Also - thanks to everyone who responded to my 14 day challenge post yesterday (and on spark too!). I think I'm going to do this starting next Thursday! So I need to get creative and think about quick go to meals that I can have waiting for me on nights when I don't have time to eat at home. Tonight is actually one of those nights - I have BBBS training from 6:30-8:30 and haven't figured out what I'm doing for dinner yet. Suggestions?

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