Monday, September 14, 2009

Things I love - Week 1

Also - as a quick side note, I love the idea of listing a few things I'm loving right now every week (copied from my fabulous BFF Stef). So here a few reminders about great things going on in my life right now that are going to carry me through this very hectic week!

1. My 5K this weekend! FINALLY it's almost here. Hello Addison Oktoberfest 5K. Prepare to be rocked.

2. La Croix sparkling water. This drink is fantastic and I'm instantly addicted. I've only tried the cran-raspberry for now, but I can't wait to try the rest. No calories, no sodium, no artifical flavoring and it tastes fantastic!!

3. Running tights from Old Navy (size L, holla!). I wore these last night - just out on a few errands, but they are fantastic. They have moisture wicking fabric - so they *should* absorb the sweat from your body as you run. I'll be trying them out very soon (maybe tonight?). Note: I have these, but also ones with a fold-over top that I actually wore last night. I can't find those on the website though... boo.

4. Lame, but my contacts. I've never been more appreciative of them in my life than I am today. Therefore they get a major shout-out. Being a fitness rockstar is very dependant on these babies and I'd like to thank them right now for how much they do for me! Hopefully we can stay together all week!


  1. I LOVE your things to love! I think it helps us too, since we have to think about what is making us happy that week.

    Keep 'em coming!

  2. I love posting your things you love & your goals here!! I'm gonna totally copy that!!