Thursday, September 10, 2009


When is the last time you had a HARD leg workout? Hard to this point - the next day while attempting to walk you look more like a woman on her way to labor than yourself? You have the waddle, the difficulty bending at the knee and overall stairs are your worst enemy.

That's me right now kids.

I had my fitness assessment at the gym last night (the gym I joined last week). The trainer said he wanted to work legs and I said, "I CAN'T BE SORE. I HAVE A 5K NEXT WEEK AND A 3.5 MILE RUN TOMORROW." Okay, I did not shout, though apparently I should have because today.. I can't walk.

He told me we would do some moderate work and it would not be enough to make me sore. Oh how he didn't know what he was talking about. Clearly he worked the muscles that I don't use when running. These are muscles I remember from many moons ago when my old personal trainer used to work them to death. Apparently that was the last time they've been worked.

And the longer I sit here at my desk, the more sore and stiff I get. Unfortunately everything I do at work requires my computer. Damn!

I just walked downstairs to fill up my water bottle. It wasn't pretty. At one point I thought I was about to fall down the stairs and hit every one on my way to the bottom. Somehow I regained my balance.

I KNOW the mindset is to run tonight because after I warm up my legs will be okay. But tomorrow I'm supposed to do spinning. And Saturday I have my VERY LAST 3 mile run outside before my 5K. This is essential as I need to complete this entire run without stopping, something I have not been able to do outside on hills yet. This has been a low burn week for calories and I NEED to do something to burnnnn (like spin!). So either I can attempt to run tonight (when my schedule is screwy) and do spin tomorrow and die on Saturday. Or not run tonight, spin tomorrow and run Saturday. OR I guess I could attempt to run tonight and take off tomorrow but that doesn't sound good. I don't hurt tomorrow - I hurt today.

Also I am meeting my little sister for the first time at 5:45 tonight and that means I'm not getting home until late. That puts my run at like 8ish. That's late!

What am I to do?!

(Ummm the answer here is not to go downstairs again!!)


  1. Hahaha! Poor Duck!! Ducks waddle, don't you know?
    The more you move, the easier it eventually gets. So keep going downstairs.
    Have fun w/ your sister. How is it you're meeting her for the 1st time??

  2. Nancy - she's my little sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters. So last night was our first meeting!