Friday, September 11, 2009

S-O-R-E cont...

update on the legs: still can't use them. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Instead of spin today I will be walking. How freaking boring. I plan to take along a magazine for a little more interest and to deflect my mind from the massive pain on the lower half of my body. I hate that guy.

And it's raining cats, dogs and hogs (hey this is TX) so I'm not sure if my outside run is happening in the morning. Looks like I might be running inside. Boo!

Skipped breakfast. Wasn't really hungry. Had a boring lunch so I didn't take pictures. Boo. Hopefully dinner will be better. I'm making corn casserole for the first time!

Until then.........


  1. Keep moving those legs (gently)... they'll ease up faster than not. Good on you for walking. Spin might be a little ... much, but they might ease up after a couple of minutes (or 10) on the bike... I dunno... I haven't spun (or is it spinned?), just a regular exercise bike.

    Tsk-tsk for skipping b'fast. Shame... ;-)

  2. How was the corn casserole? You may need to share the recipe. I love corn!