Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The power of positive

The first step to making any big change in your life is learning to be positive about it. How could you ever expect yourself to accomplish something if you aren't positive about it? Telling yourself repeatedly that you CANNOT do something is only going to lower your expectations of yourself and allow yourself to give up. If you don't give yourself the option of failing, you can't - right?

I've been upset in the past few days because I've been noticing a lot of negativity all around me. Now normally, this wouldn't even phase me. I have been the world's ultimate pessimist my entire life. My mind has always jumped to the worst case scenario and I didn't believe good things would happen to me, so guess what - they didn't happen! But slowly over the past few months, I've been learning the power of positive thinking. I set goals for myself and I told myself that I WOULD accomplish these goals. And once I started working hard towards these goals, I noticed changes and I noticed progress and I immediately felt a wash of motivation. Guess that motivation feeds from? Positivity people!

It's not always easy to be positive, but as they say - fake it 'till you make it. (Please note: I am NOT Susie Sunshine the cheerleader. I just am tired of hearing people say they can't do something or focusing on their fat or their slip-ups.)

Case in point: I went to Old Navy this past weekend to buy another set of spandex for my spinning class (my running spandex are a little too short!). And even though I've gone down a pants size, I still grabbed the XL tights. After trying them on, I realized they did NOT fit well. They were kind of baggy in certain areas and totally unflattering. Instead of getting upset and leaving the store in a state of depression, I went back and grabbed the size L. The old me would have told myself trying these on was not even WORTH it. I will never be a size L - especially in spandex. But, I tried them on and guess what - they fit like magic! So positive thinking got me into these tights - right? Now the next phase of this is.. spandex is never, EVER, 100% flattering on anyone other than Barbie. I easily could have looked at myself in the mirror and picked out all the spots that didn't look great and belittle myself for my large thighs or how fat my knees looked. But instead, I was happy that they fit and I was really, really excited!

So no more negativity people. Instead of calling yourself fat and feeling blah, focus on the positive. What good things do you notice about your body? What WILL you look like if you work hard and commit to a healthy diet and exercise? Maybe you are trying something new and aren't feeling as great about it as you hoped? Focus on what you CAN do and how you can improve (Think my recent struggles with yoga. I WILL DO IT one day.) Start to catch yourself before you hear negative and derogatory things come out of your mouth. You probably say a lot more negative things than you think you do.

So today on 09/09/09 I would like to share 9 positive things that have happened to me recently that the old me would have somehow interpreted as negative. I encourage ALL of you to make a list for yourself and if you want to, please share it with me!

1. I went out for Mexican food last night and I ate what I REALLY wanted and left about half the food on my plate.
2. I also did NOT have a cocktail when everyone else at my table did.
3. (Borrowed from above) I am now a size L at old navy in bottoms. WHOO-HOO!
4. Even though I have not ran 3.1 miles straight outside yet (um inside.. cake, outside.. hard) - I KNOW that I will be able to run my entire 5K next weekend without stopping.
5. My little back rolls? Well they are shrinkingggggg. Good bye friends!
6. I have decided to start this new blog and I have very very big plans for it!
7. I have recently joined LA fitness and have a fitness assessment today with a personal trainer (nervous, but positive!)
8. I am going to San Antonio this weekend for my little brother's 21st birthday!
9. I have started taking a yoga class, and even though it's hard - I'm going to keep going and improve myself.

Here's a bonus! 10. I did not just die from being positive!

I can't wait to see everyone else's positive lists. Good luck all!

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